Hills: Bishop Hill and Benarty Hill
Date: Sunday 7th November 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 1Hr 50Mins & 1 Hr

My intention was to ascend Bishop Hill from Easter Balgedie, however, on arriving there this morning I could find no parking. A farmer suggested that Bishop Hill is normally ascended from Scotlandwell and that there is a car park there. I therefore drove on to Scotlandwell where I parked in the church car park - a sign suggests walkers are welcome to park there, except at 11.30 on a Sunday.

From the car park, I walked a short distance along the road towards Scotlandwell and set off along the path marked, “Path to Kinnesswood and Bishop Hill”.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Start of path towards Munduff Hill and Bishop Hill:

The ascent was quite pleasant – a good path zig-zagging up the hill.
Just a few minutes after setting off and I was already getting nice views across Loch Leven.

Loch Leven:

I could also see across the Firth of Forth towards Bass Rock and North Berwick Law.

A distant Bass Rock and North Berwick Law:

Mossmorran chemical plant near Cowdenbeath:

Was nice to walk along a short grass track - luxury compared with the long grass encountered on Glen Artney Donalds the day previous.

Ascent through forest:

Ascent of lower slopes:

I didn't know what the tower was at the top of Munduff hill. On looking it up tonight, it is apparently a rain radar.

Looking towards top of Munduff hill:

Looking across Loch Leven towards Ochils:


Approaching summit of Munduff hill:

It didn't take long to reach the summit of Munduff hill. From there the summit of Bishop Hill is just over one kilometre away (as the crow flies).

Cairn on Munduff hill and rain radar:

From the top of Munduff hill, I could just make out the Forth Rail bridge.

Forth rail bridge:

From the top of Munduff hill, I am pretty sure I could see Schiehallion – it gets everywhere !

Distant Schiehallion:

Was also surprised to see a covering of snow on the distant Cairngorms.

Snow-capped Cairngorms:

The summit of Bishop Hill looked quite far away but it didn't take long to get there thanks to the good path.

Looking towards summit of Bishop Hill and West Lomond:

East Lomond and distant Largo Law:

I was a bit annoyed to find a barbed-wire fence just before the summit of Bishop Hill. I couldn't see a stile over this fence. Bit strange to have a good path most of the way then have a barbed-wire fence in the way of the summit!

Looking back to Munduff hill from summit of Bishop Hill:

Was nice to see West Lomond and East Lomond, having ascended them in mist just a few days previous.
Will definitely need to re-do these on a good day.

West Lomond from summit of Bishop Hill:

From the summit of Bishop hill I returned to the car via the same route. I then drove a short distance to get to the start of Benarty hill.

There were quite a number of cars at the start of the track, with a number of people wearing lycra doing stretches at the bottom! I wondered if they were going up the hill. No, they were runners trying to run up the first set of steps in under 30 seconds !

Steps at start of path up Benarty hill:

I have to admit to being amazed at the number of steps leading up this hill. At one point I wondered if the steps might go all the way to the summit .

More steps up Benarty hill:

More steps up Benarty hill:

Ascent through Benarty wood:

Approaching 345m top:

Looking towards Dunfermline:

Was nice to look across and see the hill I had ascended just an hour or so previous.

Bishop hill / Munduff hill from Benarty hill:

From the 345m top I followed the path across to the summit trig point.

Looking towards distant trig point from 345m top:

Trig point at summit of Benarty hill:

It is worth going a wee bit beyond the trig point for a view down to Loch Leven.

Loch Leven and St. Serf's Island:

I returned to the car via the same route. Enjoyed these hills .