Coastal Walk: Newburgh to Menie Links (and back)
Date: Thursday 10th December 2015
Company: Myself and Cuillin
Distance: 14.9km, Ascent: 120m
Time: 3Hrs 15Mins

The weather forecast for much of Scotland today was poor. However, as is often the case, Aberdeenshire and Moray were forecast to escape the worst of the weather. I therefore decided to head East to undertake a coastal walk instead of heading for the hills.

During the past few years, I have been chipping away at various sections of coast between Aberdeen and Inverness. The coast from Aberdeen to Culbin (beyond Forres) was now complete with the exception of Newburgh to Menie Links which I would undertake today.

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For today's walk, I parked at the Forvie Nature Reserve car park, north of Newburgh.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I set off walking along the A975 and soon thereafter crossed over the River Ythan. Beyond the bridge over the Ythan, I walked along a footpath leading into Newburgh.

Heading towards Newburgh:

I stopped briefly to take a photo of a Curlew. As it was still quite dark, just approaching sunrise, the Curlew was in silhouette.

A Curlew at the Ythan estuary:

After walking several hundred metres along Newburgh Main Street, I left the Main Street to cross over a bridge leading onto the golf course. I then crossed the golf course to reach the Ythan estuary.

The Ythan estuary and Foveran Links seem to be popular with dog walkers. I met numerous dog-walkers today.

Ythan Estuary:

When I undertook the walk from Collieston to Newburgh one year ago, I encountered numerous seals at the Ythan Estuary. Today was no different. I again encoutered approximately 200 seals at the estuary.

c.200 Grey Seals across the estuary:

After taking a number of photos of the seals I began walking the long stretch of excellent beach which runs all the way to Aberdeen.

Nice post-sunrise skies from Foveran Links:

Cuillin at Foveran Links:

This whole stretch of coast (Foveran, Menie and Balmedie) has a vast number of very large and impressive sand dunes.

Long shadows and wonderful dunes:

There was lots of sea foam (spume) today. This is normally caused by the agitation of sea water especially when it has high concentrations of organic matter such as algae.

Sea foam coming in with the tide:

Walking from Foveran Links to Menie Links:

On reaching a WWII pill box, of which there are dozens along the Moray and Aberdeenshire coasts, I stopped to have a look inside.

View from inside a WWII pill box:

Cuillin having a look inside the WWII pill box:

We then continued along the coast as far as Menie Links before turning back.

Cuillin in the sea:

During the walk back, we passed a woman with three very large wolfhounds. Cuillin was dwarfed by them. Soon thereafter we also passed two woman riding horses.

Horses on the beach at Foveran Links:

Between Foveran Links and the Ythan estuary, I stopped to take photos of birds and seals. All circa 200 seals seen earlier in the day were now in the water.


A seal:


This was a lovely walk. Tempted now to walk the Aberdeenshire coast South of Aberdeen too.