Hill: Brown Muir
Date: Sunday 24th April 2016
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 5.9km, Ascent: 175m
Time: 1Hr 40Mins

My one and only previous ascent of Brown Muir was on 31 December 2009, on a day of heavy snow. In 2009, I started from Logieburn beyond which I encountered lots of gorse growing across the track. Today, I set off along the track leading to Moniemouies instead to avoid the gorse at Logieburn.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

At the start of the track there is a gate which myself and Becky climbed over and Cuillin went under. Beyond the gate we followed a good track leading all the way to the trig point.

On the track leading to Moniemouies:

We passed derelict Moniemouies and went through another gate a short distance beyond.


As height is gained, there is increasingly good views towards Elgin, Lhanbryde, Lossiemouth, the Moray Firth and also to Ben Wyvis and the Caithness hills, including shapely Morven, across the Moray Firth.

On the track beyond Moniemouies:

It was enjoyable to walk alongside gorse today rather than try to push through it. Gorse looks and smells great when it is in bloom.

Gorse in bloom:

Looking back towards Bin of Cullen and Knock Hill:

View towards Elgin and Lossiemouth:

It was nice to walk at a fairly relaxed pace today. It was not long before we were approaching the transmitter which is just a short distance from the summit.

Approaching the summit transmitter:

We first visited the trig point before walking 55m beyond to the actual summit, which is featureless heather-covered ground.

Becky and Cuillin at the Brown Muir trig point:

Becky and Cuillin at the summit of Brown Muir:

View towards the Cairngorms from the summit of Brown Muir:

After taking some more photos at the actual summit, Becky set off back ahead of myself and Cuillin. Cuillin was keen to catch-up with Becky!

Cuillin keen to catch-up with Becky:

During the walk back to the car, we stopped briefly to watch a Stonechat which was sitting on the fence.

On reaching the car, we decided to extend the day out by having lunch at the Ashvale in Elgin (great fish and chips) and then spend some time at Lossiemouth beach.

Fun at Lossiemouth beach:

Fun at Lossiemouth beach:

Fun at Lossiemouth beach:

A nice, short walk.

Postscript: Vento Ludens don't seem to want to take "No" for an answer when it comes to the erection of a windfarm on Brown Muir. Their appeal to the rejection of their planning application is due to be heard in Spring 2016. Hopefully, the appeal will be unsuccessful as this windfarm is not wanted by the majority of residents in the area.