Hills: Stob Fear-tomhais, Ceann na Baintighearna, Creag Mhor
Date: Friday 15th February 2008
Company: Just me
Time: 6 hours

Parked at Ballimore Farm, circa 3km from Balquhidder. Limited parking.

Photo of Creag Mhor from Ballimore Farm:

Crossed the bridge over the Gleann Dubh and immediately began ascending the lower slopes of Benvane, following the Right of Way to Brig o'Turk.

On the lower-slopes of Benvane:

Followed this faint path for circa 1.5km until the path changed direction from WSW to SSE.

Cattle beside Gleann Dubh crossing:

I crossed the Gleann Dubh, which was thankfully only 2-3 inches deep, and passed several erratic boulders as I began the ascent of the lower slopes of Stob Fear-tomhais.

Beginning the ascent of Stob Fear-tomhais:

I joined the broad NE ridge at a height of circa 450m and continued up the ridge to the 650m top.

Approaching the 650m top:

After passing two more tops, and many knolls, I began the ascent of the final slope to the summit, meeting a line of fence posts coming from the South.

Approaching the summit Trig point:

Had a brief stop at the summit triangulation point to put on some more clothes and to have a quick drink before setting off, following the line of fence posts, to reach the Corbett Top - Ceann na Baintighearna (701m). No cairn at this top.

Looking back to Stob Fear-tomhais from Ceann na Baintighearna:

I continued to follow the line of fence posts down the NE ridge of Ceann na Baintighearna, enjoying the views down to Loch Doine and Loch Voil.

Loch Voil and Creag Mhor from Ceann na Baintighearna ridge:

After circa 2km, I come to an abrupt stop as I reached a crag. The line of rusty iron fence posts seem to stop right at the top of this crag. However, there is an easy way around this crag to the North following the line of wooden fence posts.

Looking back at crag:

Reached Bealach Driseach and again followed the fenceposts up the Fiona Creag Mhor. Didn't take long to ascend this hill from the bealach. Was glad to reach the summit and stop for a bite to eat (My Kings House cooked breakfast must have worn off by now)

Summit of Creag Mhor:

From the summit of Creag Mhor, I descended directly towards Ballimore Farm. The final stretch back to the farm was a bit wet underfoot. Had to cross a couple of high fences on the way down (Not dog friendly - no chance of lifting a large dog over). This is apparently a private deer farm - hence the high fences. Didn't see deer though, just cattle. This was a very enjoyable circuit. Much more interesting than the direct ascent and return by the same route, as per SMC Corbett book.