Hills: White Coomb and Broad Law
Date: Wed 19 March 2008
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 6 hrs 45mins

Travelled down to the Borders on Tuesday evening where myself and Beinn spent the night in the back of the car, parked next to the Megget Stone. A -5C outside temperature, and possibly the same inside temperature, saw us up nice and early and off walking by 06:30.

Beinn at the Megget Stone:

Sunrise over Nickies Knowe:

View South from the Megget Stone:

After crossing the Talla Water, we began the ascent of Molls Cleuch Dod.

On Molls Cleuch Dod:

Broad Law from Molls Cleuch Dod:

Wasn't long before we reached the first summit of the day - "Molls Cleuch Dod" (785m). From Molls Cleuch Dod we next headed for "Firthybrig Head" (763m).

Dyke running to Firthybrig Head:

These hilltops certainly have lots of interesting names as after Firthybrig Head, it was "Donald's Cleuch Head" then "Firthhope Rig" (800m) before the first real goal of the day, the Corbett "White Coomb" (821m).

Fence from Firthhope Rig to White Coomb:

We reached the summit of White Coomb exactly two hours after leaving the car.

Beinn at summit of White Coomb:

Next we re-traced our steps back to Firthhope Rig, Donald's Cleuch Head and Firthybrig Head before descending quite steeply for circa 50m and then ascending "Lochcraig Head" (801m).

Loch Skeen:

Dyke running up Lochcraig Head:

Talla Reservoir:

White Coomb from Lochcraig Head (Zoomed photo):

From Lochcraig Head next it was onto "Nickies Knowe" (761m) and then back down to the starting point at the Megget Stone. Despite all these long fancy names, this wasn't a big day so far. Therefore after a five-minute stop we crossed the road and began the ascent of Broad Law. Ascended via the usual "tourist route" up Fans Law, onto Cairn Law (717m) and a couple of kilometres further on reached the summit of Broad Law (840m).

Summit of Broad Law:

Radar on Broad Law: