Hill: Sail Mhor
Date: Tuesday 22nd April 2008
Company: Myself and Beinn

Here follows a retro-report of an ascent of Sail Mhor, from back in April 2008.

While holidaying for a week at Seaforth Cottage in Ullapool, myself and Beinn set out to do the Corbett Sail Mhor. I drove to the start of the walk at Ardessie, where I parked in a small lay-by.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

There is a nice roadside waterfall at the start of the walk.

Roadside waterfall at Ardessie:

From the roadside waterfall, we stuck to the left-bank of the Allt Airdeasaidh during the ascent, following the tourist path leading to the Ardessie Waterfall.

Multiple waterfalls with Sail Mhor in background:

At the main waterfall, I stopped to take a photo of Beinn with the waterfall in the background.

Beinn at the Ardessie waterfall:

During the ascent, the flanks of Sail Mhor look quite steep, however, there is an easy way up via the South-East ridge.

Sail Mhor:

Once up past the waterfalls, we followed the path as far as it was marked on the map and beyond. I found it quite difficult to get across the Allt Airdeasaidh but Beinn managed across no problem!

Stream leading to waterfalls:

Once across the burn, the ascent of the South-East ridge was straight-forward and pleasant.

Easy ascent of Sail Mhor:

During the ascent, I took a couple of photos of neighbouring An Teallach. The ridge of An Teallach is not best seen from Sail Mhor.

An Teallach:

Looking up Sail Mhor:

As we made progress up the hill, we began to get views into Fisherfield. I especially liked the view across to Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beinn Dearg Beag – two hills I got round to doing a couple of years later in 2010.

Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beag from Sail Mhor:

It was also nice to look across to Beinn Ghoblaich – a hill I did in a subsequent week’s holiday to Ullapool – staying at the same cottage.

Beinn Ghoblaich from Sail Mhor:

An Teallach from Sail Mhor:

Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beag from Sail Mhor:

Not the best photo of Beinn at the summit - eyes shut!

Beinn at one of the two summit cairns of Sail Mhor:

From the summit, we re-traced our steps back down towards the Allt Airdeasaidh but stuck to the right-bank of the burn until below the Ardessie waterfall. The best views of the waterfall are from the right-bank.

A nice short day out.