Hills: Garbh Bheinn and Belig
Date: Friday 2nd May 2008
Company: Myself and Marjory
Time: 6 hours

Parked at the lay-by near the roadside waterfall of Allt Coire nam Bruadaran, at the end of Loch Ainort, where there is room for a number of cars.

Roadside waterfall of Allt Coire nam Bruadaran:

Garbh Bheinn from roadside:

Belig from roadside:

We set off across boggy ground alongside the Allt Coire nam Bruadaran and then continued up the gentle grassy slopes of Druim Eadar Da Choire.

Looking back to Loch Ainort:

Garbh Bheinn from Druim Eadar Da Choire:

Marsco from Druim Eadar Da Choire:

On reaching the 489m top on the North ridge of Garbh Bheinn we stopped for a short break before continuing up the much steeper section ahead.

North Ridge of Garbh Bheinn from 489m top:

Loch na Creitheach from 429m col on North ridge of Garbh Bheinn:

On ascending the steeper middle section of the ridge, I was suprised to find that much of the ascent was up scree (with optional scrambling on the left).

Garbh Bheinn North Ridge:

Looking towards Garbh Bheinn summit from North Ridge:

The upper section of the North Ridge leading to the summit, involved unavoidable and sometimes exposed, scrambling. [Grade 1/2 according to Skye Scrambles book]

Marjory at summit of Garbh Bheinn:

The views from the summit were unfortunately limited due to low cloud. We did however catch a fleeting glimpse of Sgurr nan Gillean through the cloud.

Sgurr nan Gillean:

Views towards Bla Bheinn and Clach Glas were thankfully much better.

Clach Glas from Garbh Bheinn (zoomed):

After a short break at the summit we agreed that it would be worthwhile continuing the day by descending to Bealach na Beiste and then ascending the Fiona, Belig. The initial descent from the summit involved some further easy scrambling [Grade 1 according to Skye Scrambles book] and then a long, long descent of scree.

Looking back to the descent from summit of Garbh Bheinn from Belig:

On reaching Bealach na Beiste we continued up yet more scree up the North-East ridge of Belig.

Ascent of Belig:

As we approached the summit of Belig we were surprised to find a dry stane dyke leading towards the summit.

Glamaig from near the summit of Belig:

Next came the best bit of the day. A superb view of the Cuillin ridge from Belig.

Cuillin Ridge from Belig (looking over North ridge of Garbh Bheinn)

Myself on Belig:

We continued on to the summit of Belig and descended via its North ridge until reaching a flat grassy section and then descended quickly to the West down a quite uniform scree slope. We then followed the Abhainn Ceann Loch Ainort back out to the car.