Hills: Corrieyairack Hill and Gairbeinn (both 896m)
Date: Saturday 14th June 2008
Company: Myself, Carole & Beinn

A bit of history:
The Corrieyairack Pass is a 770m high pass between Fort Augustus and Melgarve used by drovers since the 17th Century. A General Wade military road was built over this pass in 1731. The military road was used by Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army in 1745. If the pass had been kept open as a road it would be the highest road in the UK.

After a three-year break from hillwalking, my partner Carole decided to come walking with myself and Beinn today.The early morning drive from home to Aviemore was not inspiring with pretty-much constant rain in and around the Northern Cairngorms. Our bad weather plan for the day was therefore invoked driving to Melgarve - 15km past Laggan, with a view to ascending Corrieyairack Hill (ex Corbett) and Gairbeinn (Corbett).

From Melgarve, we set off walking along the Corrieyairack for several kilometres alongside the Allt Yairack.

Carole on the Corrieyairack:

Beinn on the Corrieyairack:

After circa 4km, as we approached the zig-zag section leading to the high pass, we had to get the waterproofs on (and they remained on for the rest of the day).

Corrie Yairack:

At the high point of the pass, where the electricity pylons split into two lines, we left the pass and headed North towards Corrieyaraick Hill.

Pass high-point where the Pylons split from one line into two:

The final kilometre or so to the summit of Corrieyairack Hill was straight-forward up easy grassy slopes.

Carole approaching summit of Corrieyairack hill:

From the top of Corrieyairack hill we descended East, following a line of rusty fenceposts. We decided to skirt the top of Geal Charn (876m) making directly for Loch an Aonaich Odhair.

Beinn standing in Loch an Aonaich Odhair:

Myself and Beinn above Loch an Aonaich Odhair:

In the distance we could see the works at Glen Doe.

A wee frog:

From the loch, we ascended Geal Charn's un-named 830m top before descending to 750m and then ascending grassy slopes to the summit of Gairbeinn.

Carole and Beinn at summit of Gairbeinn:

Possibly Ben Nevis in the distance:

From the summit of Gairbeinn, we headed South-West towards the Allt a' Mhill Ghairbh and then directly towards Melgarve.


Looking back to Gairbeinn from Melgarve:

An enjoyable day, despite the weather.