Hills: Sgor Gaibhre and Carn Dearg
Company: Carole, Bob, Malcolm, Gregor and Deirdre
Date: Friday 4th July 2008

On Friday 4th July 2008, myself and Carole spent the weekend at Loch Ossian Youth Hostel with the Turriff Mountaineering and Hillwalking Club. This was only my second ever visit to Loch Ossian. My first visit was in December 2003 when I also ascended Sgor Gaibhre and Carn Dearg.

We followed the standard route for these hills, starting from Corrour station and returning to the Youth Hostel.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The walk alongside Loch Ossian was pleasant albeit a bit wet in places.

Loch Ossian:

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel:

Walking alongside Loch Ossian:

The ascent of Sgor Gaibhre was a straight-forward walk up grassy slopes.

Ascending Sgor Gaibhre:

Looking back to Loch Ossian:

Looking up Sgor Gaibhre:

View from Sgor Gaibhre:


Deirdre, Carole, Gregor, Bob, Malcolm and myself at summit of Sgor Gaibhre:

After a reasonable break at the summit, we set off towards Carn Dearg.

Looking across to Carn Dearg:

The walk to Carn Dearg was also quite easy.

Carn Dearg:

Group at summit of Carn Dearg:

From the summit of Carn Dearg the group split up into several sub-groups on the way back to the Hostel.


Heading back to Loch Ossian:

Loch Ossian is a beautiful loch. The hostel is in a wonderful location.

Despite disliking the Scottish Youth Hostel Association, I have to admit to there being something special about Loch Ossian Hostel.

Loch Ossian:

Inside Loch Ossian Youth Hostel: