Hill: Sgurr an Utha
Date: Saturday 26th July 2008
Company: Just me
Time: Just over 5 hours

Parked at the car park at the entrance to Glen Finnan and set off along Glen Finnan as far as the now famous, thanks to Harry Potter, Glen Finnan viaduct.

Viaduct seen from Glen Finnan track:

On reaching the viaduct, I ascended a faint track to the West which skirts round just above the viaduct. Would recommend ascending this path even if you just want a better look at the viaduct.

Glenfinnan viaduct:

I continued to follow this faint track for about 0.5km before abandoning it to head up the Tom na h-Aire ridge.

Looking downhill not long after abandoning the track:

Looking up Tom na h-Aire ridge and onto Fraoch-bheinn summit:

Looking down to Glen Finnan Monument and Loch Shiel:

The ascent of Tom na h-Aire was reasonably straightforward, albeit pathless, with many small ups and downs (not really shown on the 1:50000 map).

Loch Shiel from Tom na h-Aire ridge:

There is a deer fence on Tom na h-Aire, however, despite the going being pathless there is a nice wee gate to go through.

Looking up Tom na h-Aire:

From Tom na h-Aire I continued on up the SSE ridge of Fraoch-bheinn.

Looking towards first top of Fraoch-bheinn:

Looking down Glen Finnan towards Sgurr Thuilm and Streap:

Looking back along Fraoch-bheinn ridge:

It wasn't long before I thought I had reached the summit of Fraoch-bheinn. However, things didn't look quite right and on re-checking the map I found I was only at its 760m top.

Fraoch-bheinn from 760m top of Fraoch-bheinn:

Didn't take long to reach the top of Froach-bheinn.

Sgurr an Utha from top of Fraoch-bheinn:

From Froach-bheinn I continued the circuit round to the summit of Sgurr an Utha.

Approaching summit cairn of Sgurr an Utha:

Descended from Sgurr an Utha down grassy slopes alongside the Allt an Utha. Followed this burn until reaching a good track.

Good track out to road:

Followed the good track back out to the road, about 4km away from my starting point. The 4km walk back along the road wasn't great but would say it was worth it to do this hill as a circuit. Nice short day allowing me to get back to the Clachaig nice and early for drinks.