Hills: Beinn Odhar, Beinn Chaorach, Cam Chreag, Beinn nam Fuaran, Beinn a'Chaisteil
Date: Saturday 23 August 2008
Company: Myself and Peter
Ascent: c. 2,150m
Distance: c. 23km
Time: 9hrs 15mins

We agreed on an early start for this circuit of five Corbetts, to take advantage of a forecasted good-weather window, in between forecasts of heavy rain. At 07:30, we set off from the car park at NN329331 along the West Highland Way as far as the cattle-creep under the railway line. After crossing under the railway we doubled-back to opposite the car park and then headed directly, and very steeply, uphill.

Looking towards Beinn Dorain from starting point:

We followed a line of fence posts up the hill in a relentless 450m ascent of steep wet and slippy grass.

Looking down to A82(T), and starting point, from steep slopes of Beinn Odhar:

Looking down to A82(T) from steep slopes of Beinn Odhar:

The early morning weather was really pleasant with good views across to the Crianlarich and Tyndrum hills, with the odd stretch of cloud inversion below.

Looking across to Meall Odhar, Ben Oss and Beinn Laoigh from Beinn Odhar:

Looking down to Tyndrum and across to Crianlarich hills from Beinn Odhar:

After approximately one hour we reached the small lochan at 780m and fifteen minutes later reached the large summit cairn of Beinn Odhar.

Final ascent of Beinn Odhar:

Peter at large summit cairn of Beinn Odhar:

At the summit we stopped to take a bearing and then set off immediately SE, passing another small lochan, and descending back down to 450m.

Looking across to Beinn Chaorach from Beinn Odhar:

From the 450m col, most of the ascent up Beinn Chaorach was also up steep grassy slopes.

LtoR - Meall Odhar, Beinn Dorain (top in cloud) and Beinn a'Chaisteil from upper slopes of Beinn Chaorach:

We reached the summit trig point of Beinn Chaorach in just under 3 hours from setting off.

Summit trig point of Beinn Chaorach:

Looking across to Cam Chreag from Beinn Chaorach:

We followed the remains of what was a small electric fence between Beinn Chaorach and Cam Chreag, passing what had been at some point in the past, the remains of the wind generator that had powered this fence.

Remains of Wind Generator mentioned in SMC book:

Looking back to Beinn Chaorach:

Looking across to Ben Challum:

The ascent of Cam Chreag was much more pleasant (less steep) than that of Beinn Odhar and Beinn Chaorach. We reached the summit ridge of Cam Chreag just a hundred metres or so from the summit.

Approaching the upper section of Cam Chreag:

At the summit of Cam Chreag we got our first views of the end of Loch Lyon. Also got fine views across to the Munro Creag Mhor.

Myself at summit of Cam Chreag (end of Loch Lyon in background):

From a distance, the next Corbett Beinn nam Fuaran didn't look as though it had >500ft descent all round to qualify as a separate hill. It also looked quite far away.

Looking towards the distant Beinn nam Fuaran:

The descent of Cam Chreag was pleasant but did involve a descent back down to c 350m :cry:. The ascent of Beinn nam Fuaran was hard work. Combination of knackered legs and more steep ascent.

Beinn nam Fuaran from crossing of the Allt a' Mhaim:

The views down Glen Lyon and Loch Lyon from the summit of Beinn nam Fuaran were superb. As the day was progressing we could see more and more clouds accumulating but thankfully dry so far. We reached this top 5hrs 30mins after setting off.

Looking down Loch Lyon from summit of Beinn nam Fuaran:

Looking across to cloud-capped Beinn Dorain:

The descent from Beinn nam Fuaran to the col between it and Beinn a'Chaisteil was very steep. Thankfully the ascent of the fifth and final Corbett Beinn a'Chaisteil was much more gentle. We reached the final summit about 6hrs 45mins after setting off.

Myself at summit of fifth Corbett, Beinn a'Chaisteil:

We descended Beinn a'Chaisteil via its SE ridge until passing the crags. We then descended directly for the track heading towards the Auch glen.

Looking back to Beinn a'Chaisteil:

We eventually reached the Auch Gleann path, crossing under the viaduct, and followed the Auch Gleann path back out as far as the West Highland Way track. We then followed the West Highland Way track back out to the starting point. At one point on the way back we encountered a sheep roadblock.

Sheep road-block:

A really good long day out and it remained dry throughout the day (started raining fifteen minutes after we got back).
In terms of effort this would certainly rival the South Glen Shiel ridge.