Hill: Beinn Mholach
Date: Friday 29 August 2008
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 5hrs 30mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Plenty of parking available at Dalnaspidal (inc. a small tarmac car park).

Deer stalking info for Dalnaspidal Estate:

After crossing the Level Crossing, and walking 100m or so, we turned right onto the landrover track that runs the length of Loch Garry.

Dalnaspidal Lodge:

We passed the mobile phone mast, and crossed a couple of bridges, before reaching the near end of the loch.

Looking down Loch Garry:

Within the first kilometre of walking, I saw a buzzard and a dragonfly - but by the time I got the camera out of the bag, powered it up and waited for what seemed like an eternity for it to take the picture, the buzzard and dragonfly were probably miles away. Did manage to take a photo of some mushrooms.

Mushrooms (Waxcaps - Hygrocybe conica):

Beinn got around 10 minutes off the lead before I had to put the lead back on. Quite a number of sheep on and around the path along Loch Garry.

Hot already after a runabout:

For anyone into cycling, the track along Loch Garry is definitely ok for bikes. However, it is also a fine walk.

Looking across Loch Garry to the Corbett Meall na Leitreach:

About two-thirds of the way along the loch, I come to a building and some kind of metal device (had no idea what it was).

Building at An Cearcall:

On the building I noticed the following plaque about the "Garry Tunnel".

Plaque on building:

This is apparently the start of a five-mile tunnel running to Loch Ericht for Grampian Electricity Scheme.

Approaching end of Loch Garry:

On reaching the end of Loch Garry, the fine track changes to a very wet-underfoot track.

Looking towards Creag nan Gabhar of Beinn Mholach:

After about 1.5km of wet track, we reached the Allt Shallainn. It wasn't clear on my map whether the crossing would be a bridge or a ford. Was glad to find out that it was a bridge.

Bridge over the Allt Shallainn:

After crossing the Allt Shallain we pretty-much began ascending Creag nan Gabhar. Thankfully I had my camera at the ready when I spotted a lizard.

Common Lizard:

Didn't take that long to ascend to the top of Creag nan Gabhar.

Looking back to Loch Garry from Creag nan Gabhar:

Although Beinn Mholach was still almost 2km away it was already obvious that this hill had a pretty-big cairn.

Beinn Mholach from top of Creag nan Gabhar:

We followed a track running between the top of Creag nan Gabhar and Beinn Mholach.

Final approach to Beinn Mholach:

Was surprised at the size of the cairn on such a remote Corbett. There is also a trig point just behind the cairn.

Beinn below very large summit cairn of Beinn Mholach:

We didn't hang about the summit for long as there were dozens of annoying flies there. We descended and returned to the car as per the in-bound route.

Beinn cooling down in the Allt Shallain:

Allt Coire Easan Waterfall (end of Loch Garry):

Beinn waiting patiently for me to catch up: