Hill: Meall an Fhudair
Date: Friday 19th February 2010
Company: Myself, Jim and Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes

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We parked opposite Glen falloch farm, set off up the landrover track, crossed a bridge over the railway line, and then zig-zagged up the track to a junction of tracks just beyond the pylons.

Looking North towards Crianlarich:

On reaching the junction of paths we took to the grassy lower slopes of Troisgeach. The initial ascent was reasonably steep but it eased off a bit after ascending around 100m. No snow on the lower slopes.

Start of ascent of Troisgeach:

Lots of small knolls during the ascent of Troisgeach. Just a case of picking a line through them.

Ascending Troisgeach:

Ascending Troisgeach:

Was a bit surprised at the lack of snow during the ascent, especially compared with hills further North. It wouldn't be long though before we had plenty of snow to traverse.


Surrounding hills:

Most of the hard leg-work is done on reaching the summit of Troisgeach. However, there is still a fair way to go to then reach Meall nan Caora and then Meall an Fhudair.

Looking towards summit cairn of Troisgeach:

Beinn at summit of Troisgeach:

The snow was near perfect for walking on. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk between the tops.

Jim traversing from Troisgeach to Meall nan Caora:

Ben Lui and Ben Oss:

Meall an Fhudair in distance from Meall nan Caora top:

Looking back to Meall nan Caora:

Final ascent of Meall an Fhudair:

We reached the summit around 3 hours after setting off.

Beinn at summit of Meall an Fhudair:

Frozen reservoir:

View from summit:

Jim approaching summit:

Beinn enjoying the snow:

I had expected this hill to be a bit of a boring lump. It wasn't. I really enjoyed it