Hill: A’Ghlas-bheinn
Date: Monday 2nd January 2012
Company: Myself, Dan, Jenny, Rachel, Claire and Jenny
Time: 7Hrs 40Mins

Yesterday morning, myself, Dan, Jenny, Rachel, Claire and Jenny made our way to Morvich to undertake an ascent of A’Ghlas-bheinn. We parked in the car park beside the Mountain Rescue centre.

Getting ready to go:

We opted to approach A’Ghlas-bheinn via the Bealach na Sroine (Falls of Glomach track) – this would allow a circuit to be undertaken and potentially avoid getting wet-feet at the waterfall en-route to Bealach an Sgairne. A theme of the day was stormy skies - the weather was quite changeable with recurring episodes of snow, hail and wind.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Stormy skies:

After crossing the bridge over the Allt Chonaig, we followed the track round to a small building and then continued along the track leading towards the Falls of Glomach. This was the first time I had walked this way as my previous ascent of A’Ghlas-bheinn was from Camus-luinie via Glen Elchaig.

Bridge over the Allt an Leoid Ghaineamhaich:

As we ascended the lower flanks of Carnan Cruithneachd towards the Bealach na Sroine we passed a good number of deer on the hillside.

Deer on flank of A’Ghlas-bheinn:

Walking through the snow was quite pleasant and good fun as the odd snowball was projected into the air.

Walking into whiteness:

Looking back down the glen:

Heading for the Bealach na Sroine:

On reaching the Bealach na Sroine, we ascended steeply for circa 100m as we made our way towards Meall Dubh. We then got a little shelter behind some peat hags to have a bite to eat.

Lunch-stop (Meall Dubh 723m in background):

Next, we made our way across to Creag na Saobhie (818m).


Dan, Rachel and Jenny:

During the ascent of Creag an Saobhie, we got perhaps the best views of the day, during a short break in the weather. We avoided most of the rocks by ascending a diagonal line up Creag na Saobhie.

View from Creag na Saobhie:

View from Creag na Saobhie:

Loch a'Bhealaich and Glen Affric hills:

The ascent of A’Ghlas-bheinn, viewed from Creag na Saobhie, looked “interesting”. In reality it wasn’t that difficult – apart from having to plough through deeper drifts of soft snow that had accumulated on our route.

A’Ghlas-bheinn from Creag na Saobhie:

On reaching the summit, the weather was again not particularly pleasant so we agreed to continue on after a quick photo-stop. At the summit, we had a quick chat about potential descent options a) to return the same way back to the Bealach na Sroine, b) to descend to the Bealach an Sgairne or c) to descend via A’Mhuc. We agreed on option c), to descend via A’Mhuc.

Claire at the summit of A’Ghlas-bheinn:

Jenny, Rachel, Dan, Claire and Jenny at the summit of A’Ghlas-bheinn:

Zoom of the above:

Our descent was great fun! I haven’t had so much fun in ages as we bum-slid down numerous sections of the hillside using various techniques. Jenny’s head-first descent, while doing the butterfly stroke, was class!

Me bum-sliding down the hill (Photo by Dan):

It didn’t take too long to re-join the track that we had walked along earlier in the day. We then walked back to the car via our in-bound route. We set off at dawn and returned at dusk – no need for head-torches.

Looking back to A’Ghlas-bheinn from Gleann Choinneachain:

This was one of the most enjoyable walks I’ve done in some time. Great company and good fun.