Hill: Creag Liath
Date: Sunday 8th January 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 3Hrs 30mins

A last-minute decision this morning to ascend my nearest-to-home unclimbed Fiona.
I parked in the car park in Glen Banchor and set off walking at 11:15.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Glen Banchor car park:

From the car park, I followed the track leading to Glenballoch.

Track to Glenballoch (Creag Liath in background):


On reaching Glenballoch, I decided to make use of the good track to the East of the Allt Fionndrigh - with a view to ascending Creag Liath from the North. Following this track would get me to a height of 500m, before having to take to the hillside.

Grassy track alongside the Allt Fionndrigh:

The Allt Fionndrigh:

What snow there was on the track was a bit wet and slushy.

Approaching the end of the track:

Was pleasantly surprised to find a bridge over the Allt Fionndrigh .

Bridge over the Allt Fionndrigh:

Once across the bridge, I walked circa 100m back along the Allt Fionndrigh before ascending steeply onto the NNW ridge of Creag Liath.

Allt Fionndrigh and Geal Charn of A’Chailleach:

The NNW ridge was a straight-forward gentle ascent with remarkably little snow.

Ascending towards the 700m top of Creag Liath:

Looking back along NNW ridge:

On reaching the 700m top, I stopped for a quick photo before continuing on to the summit.

Creag Liath from 700m top:

Beinn at the summit of Creag Liath:

At the summit, I decided to return via the same route as the South-face of the hill had much less snow than the North-face.

Looking back to Creag Liath from the glen:

After descending past the 700m top, I completely lost my footing and crashed to the ground with a bang - I very rarely fall on the hill! It was so unexpected, I didn’t have time to protect my fall and banged my head and side off the ground. Think it was probably due to a combination of factors – gusty wind, being attached to Beinn’s lead, slippery lichen and lots of hidden rocks and holes in the heather/moss.

I took a bit more care from then on during the descent as I made my way back to the bridge over the Allt Fionndrigh.

The return down the glen was pleasant. Was nice to get a view of Creag Liath as the clag started lifting during the walk back. Beinn was happy during the walk back as he was off his lead most of the way.


Creag Liath:

Beinn waiting for me to catch-up:

A nice wee hill, shame about the weather and lack of views.