Hill: Windyheads Hill
Date: Friday 20th January 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 15Mins !

I just happened to be passing by Windyheads Hill today, on the way back from a visit to Pennan, so I popped-up and down this hill in 15 minutes, with at least 5 minutes of that spent standing at the summit. A very easy "hill"!

Some information about the Windyheads Hill site: click here.

Some more history, courtesy of Google,
"Windyheads was a slave station in the Northern Gee chain in Aberdeenshire. The master station was at Burifa Hill in Caithness, with Scousburgh in the Shetlands, and Sango in Sutherland being the other two slave stations. Gee was a navigational aid to bombers carrying out operations in WW2, predating LORAN. The Northern chain was instrumental in aiding a very successful bombing raid on Berlin in 1943, although it was mainly used by aircraft on mine laying ops."

NATS Comms Station sign at start of track leading up Windyheads Hill:

The ascent of this hill was very straight-forward. Follow the track to the radar and then try to spot the trig point hidden amongst the heather and gorse.

Track leading towards Windyheads Hill:

Track leading to MOD radar:

MOD radar?:

Radar station:

Not sure what purpose this strange hut had served.

Strange hut:

Beinn at the summit trig point:

According to the Database of British Hills, the trig point is the summit. I wasn't convinced this was correct as the area of gorse next to the summit is definitely higher - that could however be due to the height of the gorse. I circuited the area of gorse twice looking for a way through but couldn't find one  so in the end opted to agree with the DoBH that the trig point is likely the summit.

Looking back towards trig point and gorse: