I ascended two very short close-to-home HuMPs today.
Lovely blue-sky weather but fairly windy.

Hill: Core Hill
Date: Friday 24th February 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: Less than 5 Minutes!

The first hill I ascended today was Core Hill - it took under two minutes to walk to the summit!
There is a road right to the top of this HuMP - I would guess the walk is about 150m distance and 10m height .

The transmitters are located at the summit. The first photo shows how close you can park.

Car parking just below the summit:

Not much route description needed - get out of the car, walk along the final stretch of road leading to the summit, walk round the building, go through a small gate into a field and you will find the trig point .

Final stretch of road to the building and highest transmitter, at the summit:

View from summit trig point:

View from summit of Core Hill:

View from summit of Core Hill:

Bennachie from summit of Core Hill (zoomed):

Core Hill wasn't even a leg-stretch, so I then drove round to also ascent Hill of Rothmaise.

Hill: Hill of Rothmaise
Date: Friday 24th February 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 40 Minutes

I parked in a small car park, where there is room for four cars. I then followed the sign indicating Hilltop Viewpoint 1200m. I pretty-much followed the widest track up the hill.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Signs and track leading away from small car park:

Hill of Rothmaise:

On reaching the marker post, shown in the next picture, I followed this path up the hill.

Marker post indicating route up the hill:

Ascending Hill of Rothmaise:

View from just below the summit:

It took only 22 minutes to reach the summit.

Looking towards Bennachie from the summit of Hill of Rothmaise:

Hill of Rothmaise was a pleasant wee walk.

I still remain to be convinced about doing the HuMPs. They are proving to be useful wee dog-walks but thus far they are not the most exciting hills.

Getting home was a bit worrying as my car was indicating that there was a range of only 5 miles fuel left but it was 13 miles to the nearest garage. After travelling five miles, the engine management system put the car into some kind of damage prevention mode allowing me to continue on using a small fuel reserve but restricting the speed to around 15-20mph.