Hills: Meall nan Damh and Glas Bheinn
Date: Saturday 3rd March 2012
Company: Myself, Graeme, Alan and Penny (TWD)
Time: 5Hrs 15Mins (at a good pace)
Dog friendly: Yes

I set out this morning with Graeme, Alan and Penny (The Wonder Dog) to ascend the Fionas, Meall nan Damh and Glas Bheinn. We parked at, and set off from, Callop.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

It was raining from the outset, so my camera stayed in the drybag for the first hour or so.

We walked along the vehicle track heading South from Callop and then continued along the path - which today was very wet underfoot. We opted for a direct steep ascent of the West Top of Meall nan Damh, striking uphill just under 1km from the end of the path.

Steep ascent of West Top of Meall nan Damh:

Height was gained very quickly but care had to be taken during the ascent as the steep hillside was wet and slippery. It was nice to get views of the nearby Corbetts during the ascent.

Looking across to Sgurr Ghuibhsachain from slopes of Meall nan Damh:

Looking across to Sgorr Craobh a'Chaorainn from slopes of Meall nan Damh:

Druim Tarsuinn and Sgurr Ghuibhsachain:

It was a relief to reach less steep ground for the final few hundred metres to reach the West Top of Meall nan Damh.

Approaching West Top of Meall nan Damh:

Alan, Penny (TWD) and Graeme at the top of the West Top of Meall nan Damh:

From the West Top, we continued along the ridge to the summit – which is just one metre higher than the West Top.

Glas Bheinn and Meall nan Damh from West Top of Meall nan Damh:

Looking back to West Top of Meall nan Damh:

Summit of Meall nan Damh:

Just beyond the summit, we had a short lunch break before continuing on towards Glas Bheinn.

View South:

During the descent from Meall nan Damh and ascent of Glas Bheinn, the wind really picked-up.

Ascending Glas Bheinn:

On reaching the top of Glas Bheinn, I went initially to the summit cairn and then also visited the trig point.

Summit of Glas Bheinn:

Looking towards Trig Point from the summit of Glas Bheinn:

As we started our descent, it began to rain again so the camera went back into the drybag.

We descended via steep, wet grassy slopes and were expecting to have to use various firebreaks to get through the forest at the bottom. Turned out we didn't have to use any firebreaks as we picked up a vehicle track through the forest – used for a small hydro scheme on the Allt na Teanga Duibhe. The vehicle track did however have several fallen trees across it that we had to negotiate. This vehicle track took us to a gate and bridge over the Allt na Cruiche and then via a short steep track onto the main track leading back out to Callop.

This was an enjoyable day despite the weather.