Hills: Driesh and Mayar
Date: Friday 30th March 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Dog friendly: Yes

I drove to Glen Doll this morning to ascend Driesh and Mayar.

My first and only ascent of these hills was in 1992 – 20 years ago .
I have climbed all other Munros more recently than Driesh and Mayar.

Today, I decided to retrace my steps of 20 years ago by again following the same route.
Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

After grudgingly paying £2 to park in the Glen Doll car park, I set off along the track leading to both Braemar, via Jock’s Road, and to Glen Prosen via the Kilbo path.

I have only visited Glen Doll three times previously:
1) In 1992, when I first ascended Driesh and Mayar.
2) In 2001, when I traversed from the Glen Shee road via Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise, Tolmount and Tom Buidhe then descended Jock’s Road to Glen Doll.
3) In 2003, when I traversed from Glen Doll through to Spittal of Glenmuick, via Broad Cairn.

Start of track to Braemar and to Glen Prosen:

A few hundred metres along the track, I took a left and crossed the bridge over the White Water. I then continued along the zig-zag track until reaching the start of the path leading to the Shank of Drumfollow.

Looking back towards Craig Mellon:

Many trees have been felled since my last ascent of these hills. The path now runs along the edge of the forest instead of through it.

Start of path to Shank of Drumfollow:

During the ascent of the Shank of Drumfollow, I stopped at every burn to keep Beinn hydrated.

Looking towards Shank of Drumfollow path:

Ascending the Shank of Drumfollow:

On ascending the Shank of Drumfollow, I stopped to chat with an elderly lady who advised that it was very windy up top – it was certainly a bit breezy.

Looking back to Glen Doll:

On reaching the col between Mayar and Driesh, I decided to ascend Driesh first.

Looking towards Driesh:

Looking back to the Shank of Drumfollow:

Looking towards Mayar:

Driesh from 910m bump:

I reached the summit of Driesh about 1Hr 45Mins after setting off.

Beinn at the summit of Driesh:

The view from the summit of Driesh was quite good. Mount Keen was very prominent as were the Lochnagar hills, Glen Shee hills, Glen Isla hills and even the Ben Lawers range.

View from the summit of Driesh:

From the summit of Driesh, we returned to the col and then followed the wide, eroded track leading to Mayar.

Heading for Mayar:

Wide path leading to Mayar:

It was fairly windy at the summit – Beinn’s lugs were flapping!

I stopped for a chat with a cyclist from Cumbria at the summit. He had taken his bike up the Shank of Drumfollow and also cycled much of the way back down it .

Beinn at the summit of Mayar:

View from the summit of Mayar:

View from the summit of Mayar:

View from the summit of Mayar:

From the summit of Mayar, we returned to the col and then descended via the Shank of Drumfollow back to the car.