Hill: Beinn a’Mhuinidh
Date: Sunday 15th April 2012
Company: Myself, John and Bob

Considerable indecision yesterday with regard to which hill to ascend. The destination was Torridon, with the Moray Mountaineering Club. I had narrowed down my options to 1) An Ruadh-mheallan, 2) Beinn Alligin, 3) Liathach, 4) Beinn Eighe and 5) Beinn a’Mhuinidh . However, I didn’t make up my mind until reaching Kinlochewe, where I opted to join Bob and John for an ascent of Beinn a’Mhuinidh.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the A832, we walked along the road leading to the Incheril car park. The car park was fairly busy owing to the Highlander Mountain Marathon taking place.

Beinn Eighe from near Incheril:

From the car park, we followed the path alongside the Kinlochewe River heading in the direction of Gleann Bianasdail – the trade-route for Slioch.

Beinn Eighe, Ruadh-stac Beag and Meall a’Ghiuthais across the Kinlochewe River:

Meallan Ghobhar looked fairly steep and impenetrable from below. Thankfully there was a chink in its armour a short distance further on.

Looking up Meallan Ghobhar:

As we walked alongside the Kinlochewe River, we were treated to the best blue-skies of the day – the weather was not as good as had been forecast.

Slioch and the steep slopes of Meallan Ghobhar:

This was the fourth time I had walked along this section of path – walked in two previous ascents of Slioch and also in a traverse from Poolewe to Kinlochewe.

Kinlochewe River:

On seeing a waterfall on the cliffs above, we left the track and made our way up through flattened bracken towards Meallan Ghobhar.

Ascent leading to waterfall:

The initial ascent was quite pleasant, however, on reaching the area to the right of the waterfall, it was far from pleasant. The route was mostly pathless, really steep, wet and slippery underfoot with death-fall potential below. This was VS in walking terms – very slippery. I used handfuls of heather as handholds several times during the ascent.

Looking across to Meall a’Ghiuthais:

Waterfall next to very steep ascent:

I was quite relieved to reach a more-level grassy section above the cliffs. I wouldn’t recommend this route of ascent when its wet and I certainly wouldn’t fancy descending this way. From the flat area, the view along Loch Maree was quite good.

Loch Maree, and John, above the steep section:

Torridon hills:

We then made our way towards the lochans between Meallan Ghobhar and Beinn a’Mhuinidh before stopping for a lunchbreak.

Lochans between Meallan Ghobhar and Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

The ascent of Beinn a’Mhuinidh was more straight-forward than it looks, albeit there are a few wee ups and downs.

Heading for Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Looking back to lochans and Meallan Ghobhar from Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

John below final ascent of Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Torridon hills from Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

During the ascent, I was already thinking that Beinn a’Mhuinidh was a nice Fiona, however, on reaching the summit this changed to it being one of the best! The views from the summit are incredible. Not only great views across to the Torridon hills but also fantastic views across to Slioch, into Fisherfield and even through to An Teallach. Fionn Bheinn, the Strathfarrar hills and many more are also visible from the summit. On a really good day, this hill could be right up there as one of the best viewpoints in Scotland.

Slioch from summit of Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Fisherfield Munros from summit of Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Fisherfield Munros across Lochan Fada:

An Teallach (full zoom):

Bob approaching the summit of Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Torridon hills from the summit of Beinn a’Mhuinidh:

Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair (zoom):

Beinn Tarsuinn (zoom):

A’Mhaighdean and Ruadh Stac Mor (zoom):

From the summit, we decided to descend towards the Heights of Kinlochewe – picking a route through all the wee ups and downs.

Descent towards the Heights of Kinlochewe:

It was nice to reach the Heights of Kinlochewe – a track I have not walked along previously. Was particularly impressed with the Abhainn Bruachaig.

The Heights of Kinlochewe:

Abhainn Bruachaig:

Abhainn Bruachaig waterfall:

Looking towards Beinn Eighe during walk out to Kinlochewe:

After walking out to Kinlochewe, we spent some time in the Kinlochewe Hotel while waiting for the bus .
112/224 Fionas - half-way .