Hill: Beinn Lunndaidh (via Ben Bhraggie)
Date: Sunday 22nd April 2012
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 2Hrs 50Mins

It wasn’t my intention to ascend a hill today. However, on wakening this morning, I decided I needed a hill-fix and so threw a few things into a rucksack, packed Beinn into the car and started driving - with no destination in mind.

I headed West towards Elgin and then on through to Inverness. The sky was very overcast to the South and West but looked a little clearer to the North, so I opted to head North. I wondered if the weather would improve by the time I reached Golspie – if so, an ascent of Beinn Lunndaidh was on the cards. If not, I would have continued on to ascend something at Helmsdale.

On arriving in Golspie, the weather was fine .


I parked at the start of the Ben Bhraggie track, where there is very limited parking. Always good to see a Walkers Welcome sign at the start of a track .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

‘Walkers are Welcome’ sign at start of track:

I decided to ascend Ben Bhraggie before heading across to Beinn Lunndaidh. The track through the woodland was really pleasant – the air was filled with the scent of coconut from nearby gorse bushes.

Track through woodland:

It wasn’t long before I could see the Duke of Sutherland monument.

I really don’t know why this statue hasn’t been pulled down by now, or at least replaced with a statue of someone ‘a bit less of an arse’. The Duke of Sutherland was responsible for much of the Highland Clearances.

Ben Bhraggie from track:

As I made my way up Ben Bhraggie, I passed numerous cycle trail signs. Ben Bhraggie must be frequented by mountain bikers.

Track towards Ben Bhraggie:

Ben Bhraggie:

As I gained height, I was able to make out the top of Dunrobin Castle in the distance. Dunrobin Castle is a fairly impressive building.

Dunrobin Castle (zoom):

Beinn Lunndaidh from Ben Bhraggie:

On reaching the top of Ben Bhraggie, I walked around the monument - it is fenced-off, I assume to prevent more vandalism/graffiti.

Duke of Sutherland monument:

Duke of Sutherland:

The skies were quite atmospheric today.

Golspie from summit of Ben Bhraggie:

Loch Fleet from summit of Ben Bhraggie:

From Ben Bhraggie, I made my way back along the track as far as possible before taking to very rough, very wet hillside. Gaiters recommended for the walk out to Beinn Lunndaidh.

Heading for Beinn Lunndaidh:

Looking back to Ben Bhraggie:

On reaching the summit of Beinn Lunndaidh, I stopped for a few photos and then started my descent towards Loch nan Caorach.

Summit of Beinn Lunndaidh:

Beinn at the summit of Beinn Lunndaidh:

Descending towards Loch nan Caorach:

On reaching Loch nan Caorach, I walked along the length of the loch and then made for the Ben Bhraggie track.

Loch nan Caorach:

During the walk from Loch nan Caorach to the track, I found an antler. As soon as I picked it up, Beinn decided that he wanted it. Beinn carried the antler all the way back to the car, wagging his tail as he went along .

Crazy dog!:

I got back to the car, just under three hours later, completely avoiding the rain – superb!

Any visit to Sutherland is worth the effort .