I stayed in the Yorkshire Dales last night following an ascent of Ingleborough. This morning, I drove from the Yorkshire Dales to North Wales.

En-route to North Wales, I took a short detour to ascend a very easy Marilyn, above Billinge - which is close to Wigan and St. Helens. Billinge Hill is the highest point in Merseyside.

Hill: Billinge Hill (Nr. Billinge)
Date: Saturday 5th May 2012
Company: Just myself
Time: 25Mins

I parked near the end of Beacon Road in Billinge.

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Not much to say about the ascent as it was over not long after it started .

Start of track to Billinge Hill:

Looking towards Runcorn:

Track towards Billinge Hill:

Ascent to summit of Billinge Hill:

Summit trig point:

Beacon tower at summit:

View towards nearby transmitters:

I returned to the car via the same route.

From Billinge, I drove to Llandudno in North Wales to ascend Great Orme (also known as Pen y Gogarth). Great Orme is a prominent limestone headland located above Llandudno.

Hill: Great Orme (Nr. Llandudno)
Date: Saturday 5th May 2012
Company: Just myself
Time: 35Mins

It was my intention to park in Llandudno and walk up Great Orme from Llandudno. However, Llandudno was incredibly busy today, with roads closed in the centre for a funfair. Parking in Llandudno was not an option.

I therefore drove up Great Orme via a really steep road. The road led to just below the summit of Great Orme. I didn't want to just get out of the car and touch the top, so I drove down the other side of Great Orme and parked in a small car park beside Saint Tudno's church. This gave me a 35 minute walk instead of a 5 minute walk .

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Again, not much to say about the ascent – just head up and you'll soon reach the summit. If you don't fancy walking, you can drive up, take a cable-car up or take a tram up.

Saint Tudno's Church:


Ascent towards summit of Great Orme:

Building below summit of Great Orme:

Looking across to Snowdonia:

Llandudno from summit of Great Orme:

I returned to the car via the same route and then drove out to Anglesey and beyond to Holy Island.

Holyhead Mountain was by far the nicest hill today. In fact, I think it is one of the nicest Sub2000ft Marilyns that I have summitted. It is a great small mountain, a great viewpoint with some nice-looking rock climbing on it too.

Hill: Holyhead Mountain (Holy Island)
Date: Saturday 5th May 2012
Company: Just myself
Time: 1Hr 05Mins

I spent around 15-20 minutes trying to get parked. There are several car parks at the RSPB South Stack Reserve, however, they were all full today as were the verges. I eventually got parked when a car left the car park.

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I set off from the RSPB car park following the access track towards the hill.

RSPB South Stack Reserve:

Track towards Holyhead Mountain:

View towards distant Snowdonia:

I was really impressed with Holyhead Mountain. Today there were several groups of climbers climbing a variety of routes.

Holyhead Mountain:

Holyhead Mountain:

I opted to ascend Holyhead Mountain from the West and then descend to the East, traversing the summit.

Sea view:

Really good views from the summit. I could see Isle of Man to the North-West and Snowdonia to the East. At the summit, I received a text from TMobile saying welcome to Ireland!!!


Summit of Holyhead Mountain:


During the descent you need to take care not to follow one of the rock climbing paths. One path I followed led to the cliff edge.

Descent from Holyhead Mountain:

Climbers on cliffs of Holyhead Mountain:

South Stack Lighthouse:

I would definitely re-ascend Holyhead Mountain and wouldn't mind giving some of the climbs a go.
I then returned from Anglesey to North Wales, but stopped one final time to ascend the small Marilyn in Anglesey.

Mynydd Bodafon was a very easy climb – literally five minutes to walk to the summit.

Hill: Mynydd Bodafon (Anglesey)
Date: Saturday 5th May 2012
Company: Just myself
Time: 10Mins

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I parked in a small car park, where there is room for around six cars.

Mynydd Bodafon from small car park:

Looking towards Great Orme from Mynydd Bodafon:

On approaching the summit, I heard voices. There were a couple of guys with what looked like a big CB radio, giving it lots of SIERRA HOTEL INDIA TANGO .

Radio enthusiasts at summit:

Summit of Mynydd Bodafon:

I returned to the car via the same route.

View from descent:

A nice easy day today, with four Marilyns in the bag in just 2Hrs 15Mins walking.
Saving myself for a big day tomorrow .