The forecast for today was for persistent rain, I therefore decided to stay low and head out West to the Lleyn Peninsula. I had hoped to visit Bardsey Island however, on calling to book the boat, I was advised that there were no trips running until the weekend . Never mind, I could still ascend a number of Lleyn Peninsula sub2000ft Marilyns.

I drove out to the furthest West Marilyn first, parking near Rhiw.

Hill: Mynydd Rhiw
Date: Wednesday 9th May 2012
Company: Just myself

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From the start, I walked up the tarmac road towards the first transmitter. It is also possible to park near the first transmitter. While it was nice to see Bardsey Island, a visit will need to wait until my next trip to Wales.

View towards Bardsey Island:


On reaching the end of the tarmac track, I continued along the dirt track to the summit.

Mynydd Rhiw:

There is an interesting small mound beside the first transmitter.

Looking back along track:

I was pleased with the weather – no sign yet of the persistent rain.

Hell's Mouth:

Summit trig point and transmitter:

A short distance from the summit transmitter, I left the main track to ascend to the summit.

Approaching the summit:

The summit is a rock a few metres away from the trig point – it is obviously higher.

View from the summit of Mynydd Rhiw:

View from the summit of Mynydd Rhiw:

I then walked a short distance beyond the summit transmitter to get a decent view across to Snowdonia, without the transmitter in the way.

View from just beyond the transmitter:

I then returned to the car via the same route and drove round to a potential starting point for Carneddol. There was no sign of a right of way / path up Carneddol on the map. A search on the internet suggested ascending the hill using this route.

Hill: Carneddol
Date: Wednesday 9th May 2012
Company: Just myself

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I parked just off the road, room for one car. I then had to climb over a fence to enter a field with a number of cowpats in it, but no cattle today.

Carneddol from start of walk:

I ascended the grassy field as far as a dry-stane dyke. On reaching the dyke, I had to climb over it and then over a barbed-wire fence.

Ascent towards Carneddol:

Once over the fence a short-steep ascent saw me to the summit.

Final ascent:

The summit is the wall passing over the grassy knoll.

Summit of Carneddol:

The views from the summit were quite good for minimal effort.

View from summit of Carneddol:

Mynydd Rhiw from summit of Carneddol:

Carn Fadryn from summit of Carneddol:

Snowdonia from summit of Carneddol:

From the summit, I returned via a slightly different route, crossing the dyke and barbed-wire fence at the corner of the dyke. Once back to the car, I drove to the starting point for Carn Fadryn.

I parked beside a disused church where there is room for a number of cars.

Hill: Carn Fadryn
Date: Wednesday 9th May 2012
Company: Just myself

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I set off along the track next to the disused church.

Church at start of walk:

Carn Fadryn from start:

Unlike Carneddol, there is a really good track zig-zagging its way up Carn Fadryn.

Ascent of Carn Fadryn:

Neighbouring Garnfadryn also looks a nice wee hill.

Looking across to Garnfadryn:

View from Carn Fadryn:

I'm not sure why there is such a large cairn on the way to the summit.

Looking towards the summit from a large cairn:

Approaching the summit trig point:

It was great to reach the summit of Carn Fadryn – my 750th Marilyn .

View from the summit of Carn Fadryn:

I ascended my 500th Marilyn on 23rd May 2010:

Nice to have been fortunate enough to ascend a further 250 in just under two years.

I needed a photo to record the moment. A bit of inspiration from Rachel in the MMC .

Planking on my 750th Marilyn:

PS 10 seconds to run from the camera to the trig point and also get on top of it was a challenge!

I returned from the summit via the same route and then drove round to my fourth and final Marilyn of the day.

Hill: Garn Boduan
Date: Wednesday 9th May 2012
Company: Just myself

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I parked just off the road, room for two or three cars. I then walked along the road as far as the road leading to Caer Bwlch.

Garn Boduan from start:

I was a bit hesitant to walk along the road leading to someone's house, given the different access laws in Wales.

Track leading to house:

Behind the house, beside a large caravan I accessed the right of way path. For a path marked on a map, it is really poor quality. Lots of brambles and several trees across the path.

Poor quality path:

The path!:

However, as I started my ascent up through the forest the path improved considerably.

An improved path ascending through the forest:

The final ascent was quite steep.

Final ascent of Garn Boduan:

View from Garn Boduan:

The summit of Garn Boduan was the most interesting of the four Marilyns. There are substantial remains of an old fort at the summit.

Summit shelter:

Summit shelter:

The summit is apparently the brass circle on the plinth. The shelters and fort are all higher.

I had to look up “Cymru Rydd”. My guess was that it would be the same as “Saor Alba”. My guess was correct.

Summit of Garn Boduan:

Summit fort:

Summit fort:

From the summit, I took an easier line down the steep section but this meant I then had to cross an area of felled trees, bracken and lots of brambles to get back to the path. I should have come down the same way! I then returned to the car via the same route. During the walk back, the persistent rain had arrived.