Hill: Ardhuncart Hill
Date: Tuesday 19th June 2012
Company: Just myself
Time: 30Mins

En-route to a meeting this afternoon, I nipped up and down an easy HuMP during my lunchbreak. The first time I have ever ascended a hill wearing a shirt and tie!

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked just off the road between Mossat and Kildrummy and walked circa 50m along the road to the start of the track. The initial walk up through the trees was not that interesting, but the views improved after clearing the small wood.

Start of track up Ardhuncart Hill:

Aberdeenshire countryside:

On reaching the track junction, I took the left track alongside the wood and then a less well-trodden track linking the lower track to the upper track.

Following the track up Ardhuncart Hill:

While on the less well-trodden track I come across several snares. This is the first time I have ever come across snares on the hillside. I have seen countless traps previously but not snares.

I wasn’t sure if these were legal. Having checked the internet, it would appear that use of such snares is lawful providing certain conditions are met e.g. they must be checked at least every 24 hours and there must be a stop on them to prevent the snare closing to a circumference less than 23cm! This one does appear to have a stop but I wonder if they are actually checked every 24 hours?

Certainly not good if you are ascending with your dog! I'm glad Beinn was at home today.

One of several snares:

On reaching the upper track, I followed it to the summit transmitter.

Track leading towards the summit transmitter:

Approaching the summit:

Good views of some well kent, and not-so-well kent, Aberdeenshire hills from the summit.

Tap O’Noth from summit:

Morven from summit:

The Buck O’Cabrach from summit:

Coiliochbhar Hill from summit:

It is not obvious where the actual summit is, as the summit area is quite flat and covered in heather. The transmitter is definitely the highest point .

Summit transmitter:

From the summit, I returned to the car having taken just under 30 minutes for the walk.
Wish I could bag more hills during lunch .