Hill: Ben Dreavie
Date: Saturday 3rd November 2012
Company: Myself, Graeme and Penny TWD
Distance: 10km

I set out this morning with Graeme to ascend Ben Dreavie. We parked just off the A838 opposite Lochmore Lodge.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We initially walked through the garden of Lochmore Lodge to gain access to the path at the back of the lodge.

Lochmore Lodge:

After passing through a gate we followed a good track leading towards Ben Dreavie.

Track behind Lochmore Lodge:

However, it wasn’t long before the good track became a really awful track - the track is badly churned-up due to tree felling in the area.

Muddy track:

Walking along the muddy track was hard work - over 1km of the track is now a complete mess. However, ignoring the messy track, the views across to Arkle, Foinaven, etc. were quite superb .

View across to Arkle and Foinaven:

View across to Ben Screavie and Beinn Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill:

Stiched panorama:

We eventually reached a track junction, not marked on the map, where a very wide good quality track now ascends from the A838 over the top of the hill. Electricity and fibre-optic cables are being laid underground from the A838 over the hill.

Vehicle ascending track:

Ben Dreavie is quite close to the excellent Ben Stack.

Ben Stack and Arkle:

At the next track junction we took a right turn to follow a grassy track leading to the summit of Ben Dreavie.

Ascent towards Ben Dreavie from track junction:


Ben Stack and Arkle:

Track leading to summit:

I found the summit of Ben Dreavie really interesting. The summit area is fairly flat Torridonian sandstone with lots of small conglomerate pebbles stuck in the rock. It almost looks mad-made.

View from summit area:

Flat summit area:

We visited both the summit cairn and another nearby cairn before returning back towards the car.

Graeme and Penny TWD at the summit:

On reaching the second track junction we decided to take the good track, not marked on the map, leading down to the A838. Several vehicles passed us while on the track.

A large area of forest has been felled on the side of this hill. Most of the logs seem to be piled-up waiting to be transported off the hill.

Logs, logs and more logs:

We got back to the car by 12:30 which was far too early to return to the hostel so I had a quick look at the map for another nearby Sub2000ft Marilyn.

We then made our way round to Badcall, on the Kinlochbervie road, for an ascent of An Socach.

Hill: An Socach
Date: Saturday 3rd November 2012
Company: Myself, Graeme and Penny TWD
Distance: 10km

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We set off along what one of the locals described as ‘the peat track’ towards An Socach.

While walking along the track we passed the rusty remains of a couple of old cars. One of them was some kind of Chrysler.

Track from Badcall:

View towards An Socach:

Foinaven, Arkle and Ben Stack:

Beyond the end of the track was circa 1km of bog.

Boggy ground:

After passing the bog we ascended the SW top of An Socach.

About to ascend SW top of An Socach:

View from SW top:

At the SW top, after Penny had summited the cairn, we continued on to ascend the true summit of An Socach.

Penny TWD on the cairn at the SW top of An Socach:

I am really looking forward to coming back to this area to ascend An Grianan. It looks a really nice Sub2000ft Marilyn.

An Grianan:

We didn’t spend long at the summit before returning to the car via roughly the same route.

Looking towards An Grianan from the summit of An Socach:

Ben Dreavie was a superb wee hill. An Socach was pretty-good too, apart from the bog-trot.