Hills: Beinn Mhor
Date: Sunday 29th April 2018
Company: Just myself
Distance: 6.2km Ascent: 235m
Time: 1Hrs 50Mins

This morning, I drove to Lochranza to catch the first ferry across to Claonaig. On arrival back on the mainland, I drove to Tarbert for some supplies before catching the ferry from Kennacraig across to Port Ellen on Islay.

On arrival in Islay, I drove to the RSPB Oa Reserve car park for an ascent of Beinn Mhor. The road to get to the RSPB reserve is one of the worst I have ever driven on for potholes. I suspect I may have done some damage to the van!

Once suited and booted I set off in the general direction of the hill.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

While Beinn Mhor is a fairly nice hill, nearby Sgeirean Buidhe is by far the most impressive feature.

Beinn Mhor and Sgeirean Buidhe:

On reaching a new barbed wire fence it is worth going through the gate otherwise you will have to climb the barbed wire fence a short distance on.

Sgeirean Buidhe:

On reaching a second barbed wire fence there is also a gate you can go through to avoid having to climb over the fence. Beyond the fences I made my way through short heather until I reached a faint track heading towards the hill.

Beinn Mhor:

Once parallel with the summit, I left the track and made my way up through the heather towards the summit. There are two high points of similar height maybe 50m apart. I visited both.

Approaching the summit of Beinn Mhor:

The view from the summit is pretty good. The monument visible in the distance is the American Monument. It commemorates two shipping tragedies in 1918.

View from the summit of Beinn Mhor:

On descending from the summit, I passed a deep bog pool. This reminded me of a similar bog pool on Morven near Ballater which I recalled having two dead sheep in it. Not something you want to fall into.

Bog pool:

I returned via the same route again passing the impressive Sgeirean Buidhe. There is apparently the remains of a fort on one of the stacks, called Dun Athad.

Port nan Gallan:

Sgeirean Buidhe:

Within a minute of driving off, I stopped to photograph a H'lan Coo with her calf. They are bonny beasts.

Nice to do my first hill on Islay. Will hopefully ascend a few more in the days to come.