Hills: Beinn Bhreac and Corra Bheinn
Date: Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Company: Just myself
Distance: 15km Ascent: 860m
Time: 6Hrs 25Mins

I was awake nice and early this morning with a view to ascending Corra Bheinn via Evan's Walk. The forecast was fairly good and the actual weather was even better. As the road on Jura is to the east of the island, it is ideal for sunrises.

As I drove the few kilometres from Craighouse to the start of Evan's Walk, I saw numerous types of bird including Mute Swan, Grey Heron, Eider and Shelduck.

Sunrise on Jura:

On arrival at the starting point I set off along seriously wet ground towards Corra Bheinn. I suspect this track is always wet but especially so after a full day of relentless heavy rain.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Within a few hundred metres I had lost the main track and was instead taking an alternative higher path. The alternative path, although still very wet, was not as bad as the actual Evan's Walk track.

Start of Evan's Walk:

Looking back towards van:

On reaching the Abhainn Bheag I could not get across as it was in spate. I therefore followed the burn for around 0.5km until I found a safer place to cross. Having now deviated somewhat from my originally planned route, I noticed that I was now as close to Beinn Bhreac as I was to Corra Bheinn. I therefore decided to ascend Beinn Bhreac first and all going well also ascend Corra Bheinn on the way back.

On approaching Loch na Cloiche, I heard an unusual bird call that I did not recognise. However, despite having a good look I could see no birds.

Loch na Cloiche:

Loch na Cloiche:

The ascent of Beinn Bhreac was straight-forward and significantly less wet than the track below.

Beinn Bhreac:

A cairn:

It would have been nice to also ascend Scrinadle but that would have made for a really long day with lots of ups and downs. I will ascend Scrinadle possibly from Feolin at a later date.

Loch na Fudarlaich and Scrinadle:

During the ascent of Beinn Bhreac the most bizarre thing happened. Out of the side of my eye I saw something white dart in between the rocks. I went over for a look and on looking between the rocks could see the back legs of a Mountain Hare splayed out as it was a very small hole. I reached in and pulled out the Mountain Hare by its rear legs holding it in the air for only a few seconds before letting it go in case I hurt it. It tore off at incredible speed on placing it on the ground. I suspect not many people have caught a Mountain Hare in their hands! Alas I didn't get a photo as I was not prepared for how fast it would escape capture.

Ascent towards Beinn Bhreac:

Corra Bheinn beyond Loch Fudarlaich:

On reaching the summit of Beinn Bhreac I took a few pics before starting my descent to the bealach between Beinn Bhreac and Corra Bheinn.

At the summit of Beinn Bhreac:

Descent towards Loch Fudarlaich:

As I made my descent towards the end of Loch Fudarlaich, the cloud lifted from the tops of the Paps.

Corra Bheinn:

On reaching the outflow I crossed it and immediately picked-up the Evan's Walk track which is reasonably good beyond the first few kilometres.

Crossing the outflow of Loch Fudarlaich:

I was now in two minds as to whether or not to also ascend Corra Bheinn. On looking at my phone I noticed that it was down to 10% power and realised I had left my battery pack in the van. I had also left my paper map in the van. Doh! Before the phone ran out of power, I took some photos of the map with my DSLR which I could have referred to had I needed to.

Corra Bheinn:

As the map was indicating the summit of Corra Bheinn was only 1km away with 300m ascent, I had to do it. I therefore began my ascent of Corra Bheinn from the high point on Evan's Walk. I could have began my ascent of Corra Bheinn after crossing the outflow of Loch Fudarlaich but had I done so the ascent would have been a good bit steeper.

Ascending Corra Bheinn:

Ascending Corra Bheinn:

During the ascent I got great views across to nearby Beinn Shiantaidh and also to Beinn an Oir.

Beinn Shiantaidh:

I visited the summit and the top a short distance beyond which was definitely lower.

Beinn Shiantaidh and Beinn an Oir from the summit of Corra Bheinn:

Looking across to the summit of Corra Bheinn from its twin top:

In descent, I made my way towards the high-point of the Evan's Walk track with a view to following the track back out to the van. To say the walk out was unpleasant would be an understatement. Wellies would be good for Evan's Walk.

Descent out via the extremely wet Evan's Walk:

As I approached the end of the walk, on looking back the Paps of Jura looked great. I recalled doing the three Paps in 2009.

The Paps of Jura and Corra Bheinn:

Great to get two Sub2000ft hills done on Jura. There are lots more still to do and I will definitely be leaving some, as I have done on Islay, to necessitate a return visit.