Hills: An Cabar
Date: Sunday 3rd June 2018
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 10km, Ascent: 500m
Time walking: 3Hrs 45Mins

On Sunday morning, I drove a few miles from our overnight spot at Achnasheen to park-up in a lay-by below An Cabar. Having checked out the hillbagging website in advance of our ascent, I was aware of a new hydro track which is not currently marked on the OS map.

From the lay-by, we walked a couple of hundred metres along the road to reach the start of the new hydro track.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Just beyond the start of the new hydro track there is a >6ft padlocked gate which you have to climb over. I asked Becky if she wanted some assistance with climbing the gate but she gratefully declined and managed it fine.

Climbing the gate at the start of the hydro scheme track:

The hydro track allowed us to progress quickly up through the forest. A short distance beyond the start of the track, the new hydro track follows the route of the footpath marked on the map leading towards Loch na Curra.

Ascent through the forest via the hydro scheme track:

I had hoped that the hydro track would continue on as far as Loch na Curra but alas it ends just beyond the edge of the forest. The path beyond was a bit wet underfoot in places.

Following the path leading to Loch na Curra:

Becky was pleased to find a small boat at the boatshed and wondered if we could use it to get closer to the hill .

At the Loch na Curra boatshed:

Becky at Loch na Curra:

From the boatshed we commenced our ascent of An Cabar's West Top.

Loch na Curra and first views of Loch Fannich:

I was looking forward to good views of Loch Fannich during the ascent and I was not to be disappointed.

Loch Fannich during ascent of An Cabar's West Top:

Becky also enjoyed the view of Loch Fannich.

Loch Fannich:

What was even more delightful was when a small frog stood on Becky's pole during a brief stop. A frog from the bog, not toad in the pole!

Frog on Becky's walking pole:

It didn't take us long to reach An Cabar's West Top from where we continued on without stopping to reach the summit.

Becky at An Cabar's West Top:

Looking across Loch Fannich towards An Coileachan:

Loch Fannich cloud reflections:

Loch Fannich:

Well done to Becky on ascending her 63rd Marilyn which is 63 more hills than I had ascended at Becky's age.

Becky at the summit of An Cabar:

Becky at the summit of An Cabar:

From the summit we returned to the van via the same route.

The Fannaichs from Loch na Curra:

Heading back to pick up the hydro track: