Hills: Broad Crag, Ill Crag and Scafell Pike
Date: Saturday 21st July 2018
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 17.7km, Ascent: 1075m
Time: 8Hrs 50Mins

We set off early this morning towards Borrowdale with a view to ascending Scafell Pike from Seathwaite. All going well this would be my third ascent of Scafell Pike and Becky and Cuillin's first ascent. My two previous ascents were from Seathwaite, via Corridor Route, and from Wasdale Head. Today we would be ascending via Esk Hause.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From Seathwaite we set off walking through the farm and beyond via the track leading to Stockley Bridge.


As there were a number of sheep about I kept Cuillin on a short lead.

On track to Stockley Bridge:

During the walk towards Stockley Bridge we could see low cloud down to around 300m. We hoped this would lift as the day progressed but alas it did not.

On track to Stockley Bridge:

Seathwaite Fell and Taylorgill Force:

On reaching Stockley Bridge we stopped for a quick photo before starting our ascent via the track leading to Sty Head.

Stockley Bridge:

Grains Gill:

Looking back towards Seathwaite:

It wasn't long before we were up into the cloud. We stopped to put on waterpoofs and the camera thereafter remained mostly in its bag.

At Sty Head:

From Sty Head we followed the track leading to Esk Hause passing Sprinking Tarn en-route. It definitely was not sprinkling today.

Sprinkling Tarn:

Cuillin at Sprinkling Tarn:

On passing Broad Crag we decided to ascend to its summit via lots of boulders. This was Becky's first ever Furth.

At the summit of Broad Crag:

After carefully making our way down the array of wet boulders we continued on towards Scafell Pike but en-route took another detour to also ascend Ill Crag. The ascent of Ill Crag was even tricker than Broad Crag with again lots of numerous wet boulders to negotiate.

At the summit of Ill Crag:

From Ill Crag we double-backed a short distance to reach the Scafell Pike track which we then followed to the summit of Scafell Pike. We had to take care during the final ascent as the track is somewhat steep and eroded. Becky and Cuillin did well ascending Scafell Pike via this route.

Atop the large summit cairn of Scafell Pike:

Scafell Pike summit cairn:

After visiting the summit cairn we stopped for a bite to eat and a drink before making our way back via the same route with the exception of not ascending Ill Crag and Broad Crag during the walk back.

Becky and Cuillin atop Scafell Pike:

Becky descending from Esk Hause to Sty Head:

Styhead Tarn:

On reaching Sty Head we could see that the cloud was at last starting to lift albeit still not above the summits.

Looking back towards Great End:

During the return we also had a couple of brief stops at Sty Head and Stockley Bridge.

Back at the Sty Head Stretcher Box:

Descent towards Stockley Bridge:

A wee break at Stockley Bridge:

Well done to Becky and Cuillin on ascending these hills from Seathwaite. The ascent is hard on the feet and knees as it is on hard track, man-made steps and boulders for almost 100% of the route. Definitely a sare-feet walk.