Hills: The Law
Date: Monday 22nd October 2018
Company: Just myself
Distance: 5.1km, Ascent: 625m
Time: 1Hr 40Mins

In November 2014, I completed the 89 Donalds / 118 New Donalds. Since then I have been somewhat relieved to have completed this mostly dull hill list, that is until the SMC's recent proclaimation that one must also now ascend all 51 Donald Tops to be considered to have completed The Donalds . This in my view is a nonsensical decision as one doesn't have to complete all 227 Munro Tops to be considered to have completed the Munros.

Having already ascended the New Donalds, a metric version of the Donalds, I was at least fortunate to have ascended 42 of the 51 Donald Tops leaving only nine "wee-shites" to revisit.

En-route to attending a meeting to the south of Glasgow, it was just after 16:00 as I was passing the Ochils. I therefore decided to finish early to ascend one of the remaining nine "wee-shites".

As I wasn't intending ascending a hill, I didn't have a rucksack, water, food, clothes, a headtorch or even a map with me. I did however have my iPhone, and a wealth of experience, what more could I need . I don't recommend that newbies go out on the hill as unprepared!

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I set off walking at a considerable pace as I was keen to get off the hill before dark as I didn't want to have to rely on my mobile phone torch. I was expecting this walk to be fairly dull; it was actually really good! Definitely NOT a "wee shite".

The initial walk through Mill Glen is really worth doing. You follow an excellent path which includes a number of bridges and sections of wooden walkway.

Mill Glen:

Looking back:

Beyond the wooden walkway there is a short descent to reach the final bridge which leads to a short but easy scramble up the lower slopes of The Law. When I say scramble, I managed to ascend without putting hand to rock, however, during the descent I did put hand to rock a couple of times to steady myself. It is easy. Beyond the initial scramble care is still needed as there are some drops below.

The Law including bridge leading to initial short scramble:

Once onto the ridge proper, I followed the obvious track leading to the summit of The Law and which continues beyond to the summit of Ben Cleuch. The Law is just a subsiduary top of Ben Cleuch.

Looking back during initial ascent of The Law:

As I gained height, the walking became increasingly difficult as it was blowin' a hoolie.

Ascending The Law:

Looking back towards Tillicoultry:

Looking back:

During the final ascent, the wind was so strong I actually got blown off my feet.

Final ascent:

It was a real struggle to stand at the summit never mind take a photo, so apologies that the photo is a tad blurred. After taking a photo and touching the cairn I immediately retreated back a) to get out of the wind and b) to get back beyond the short scramble before dark.

At the summit cairn:

During the descent I was treated to some pre-sunset blue skies.

Improving weather during descent:

I got back to the car in ample time to avoid walking in the dark. Think I will return to the Ochils to walk them again and will definitely include Mill Glen in my next circuit.