Hills: Beinn Damh
Date: Friday 9th November 2018
Company: Myself, Andy, Erin and Lynne
Distance: 13.9km, Ascent: 1035m
Time: 5Hrs

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

On Friday morning, we set off from the Torridon Youth Hostel to ascend Beinn Damh. I last ascended Beinn Damh in March 2003.

From the hostel we walked along the A896 as far as the Torridon Inn before entering the car park and following the trail leading back to the road and up into the forest. It was great to walk in good company. During the initial walk there was much talk of whisky and distilleries.

On entering the forest it was good to see significant efforts being made to cut back invasive rhodedendron. Alas, it is a difficult plant to eradicate and it won't be long before further efforts are required.

As we gained height we got increasingly good views back towards Loch Torridon and beyond to Beinn Alligin, Liathach and Beinn Eighe.

Liathach through a gap in the trees:

While in the forest we passed a lovely waterfall. It is however fairly difficult to see because of trees blocking the view. It would be good to take down a few of these trees to show-off this excellent feature.

View across Loch Torridon to Beinn Alligin and Liathach:

Once out of the trees we continued to follow the excellent path. On reaching a junction we took the path heading towards Beinn Damh.

Looking back from beyond the forest:

Following the excellent path:

Looking back towards Loch Torridon and Torridon:

Beinn Alligin (zoom):

After gaining a few hundred metres in height the quality of the path deteriorated; it is particularly bad in the steep section which leads up onto the wide ridge.

Looking back during ascent:

A brief stop:

The MWIS North-West Highlands forecast was for winds ranging from 30-50mph with the winds set to increase to 70mph by dusk. On reaching the ridge the winds were not as bad as I had expected them to be. However, as we began to progress along the ridge, and gain more height, we had to deal with some quite ferocious gusts.

Onto the wide ridge:

The wide ridge provides great views down to Loch Damh and across to the lovely Marilyn, Ben Shieldaig. The 675m and 687m tops of Beinn Damh look well worth a visit should I again ascend Beinn Damh in the future.

Looking down to Loch Damh:

Loch Damh:

Looking back:

As we made our way round the 868m top and then on towards the summit, we met a couple who were returning from the summit. They warned of ferocious gusts and to take care up there.

Skirting the 868m top:

The ascent of the ridge leading to the summit of Beinn Damh was indeed interesting. The average wind speed was not too bad but the gusts were not pleasant.

Beinn Damh:

The wind at the summit was however nowhere near as bad as expected. We stopped to take some photographs but I was not keen to hang around and have lunch there as we still had to descend the gusty ridge and I was conscious that the wind speed was set to increase.

View from the summit of Beinn Damh:

The descent of the ridge was not as bad as expected but at one point Lynne was almost blown over. During the walk out we were joined by Hugh, who managed to catch us up, and we all stopped for some lunch below the 868m top.

After lunch, we returned via the same route but on reaching the Torridon Inn were thankful for a lift back to the hostel.

A good day out on a fantastic Corbett .