Hills: Seana Bhraigh
Date: Saturday 1st December 2018
Company: Myself and Ann-Marie
Distance: 27.6km, Ascent: 1055m
Time: 8Hrs 40Mins

On Saturday morning we set off nice and early for an ascent of Seana Braigh, arriving at the starting point circa two hours before sunrise. Please be aware that the track from Oykel Bridge to Duag Bridge has numerous large potholes. Thanks to Ann-Marie for driving.

During stalking season, from July to February, it is not permissable to drive as far as the walker's car park at Corriemulzie Lodge. There is a locked gate circa 800m before Duag Bridge. On arrival at the locked gate we got suited and booted, put on our headtorches and commenced the long walk through Strath Mulzie towards Seana Bhraigh.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

At the starting point near the locked gate:

After ten minutes walking we reached the Old Schoolhouse Bothy at Duag Bridge. We popped inside for a quick look around before continuing on our way.

Old Schoolhouse bothy, Duag Bridge:

Inside the Old Schoolhouse Bothy:

As we progressed along the track towards Corriemulzie Lodge we were impressed with the brightness of Venus and the vast number of stars visible overhead.

Walking along the track towards Corriemulzie Lodge:

By the time we reached Corriemulzie Lodge we could see the sky starting to get lighter. There was now sufficient light to continue walking without use of headtorches.

First signs of daylight on arrival at Corriemulzie Lodge:

Before long we got our first views of Seana Bhraigh and the very impressive pinnacle top of Creag an Duine.

View towards Seana Bhraigh:

It was nice to walk alongside the Corriemulzie River. We had to cross several burns as we made our way along the track. All of the crossings were straight-forward except for the final one.

Looking towards Seana Bhraigh:

Seana Bhraigh:

On reaching the final burn, we were overtaken by a cyclist who was working his way through his final 37 Munros with a view to completing on Slioch in May 2019 - quite an impressive target given he lives in Cheshire.

I managed to get across the final burn with only one wet foot. On reaching the other side and progressing a short distance further along the track, we spotted a bridge over the burn we had just crossed around 100m upstream. We would use this bridge during the walk out!

About to leave the main track:

We left the main track shortly before the main river crossing and then left the next track at a cairn marking the route uphill. The terrain beyond was wet underfoot.

Creag na Duine (zoom):

We stopped briefly during the ascent for a drink and bite to eat.

Looking back along Strath Mulzie:

Ascending the lower slopes of Seana Bhraigh:

I enjoyed seeing Loch a' Choire Mhoire again and also Magoo's Bothy next to the loch. I slept overnight in Magoo's Bothy on 26th December 2003.

Loch a' Choire Mhoire:

We crossed the snowline at around 550m and soon thereafter reached the flat section at around 620m. The track seemed to continue on and lose height, we therefore abandoned the track and made our way up the hillside.

At the flat section around 620m:

Only two weeks previous I ascended nearby Beinn Dearg from which I got fine views of the hills of Coigach and Assynt. The views from Seana Bhraigh were even better as it is a few miles closer to these wonderful hills.

View towards the hills of Coigach and Assynt:

Coigach and Assynt hills (zoom):

The final ascent was steeper with lots of rocks. I picked out a route avoiding as much of the rocks as possible. The skies overhead were unusual. At one point we managed to get real close to a mountain hare but alas the zoom capability of my iPhone was sadly lacking. On seeing the hare, I regretted not carrying my DSLR.

During the ascent of this section I could see a bank of fog rolling in so it was a rush to get to the summit to get any kind of view.

Interesting skies during final ascent:

We stayed well back from the edge as it was fairly windy up top.

Approaching the summit of Seana Bhraigh:

On reaching the summit I managed to take a few quick photos before being engulfed in fog. Our timing was really unfortunate and I was wishing we had left even earlier. This was my 200th Munro of Round 2.

At the summit of Seana Bhraigh:

Ann-Marie approaching the summit:

At the summit of Seana Bhraigh:

Alas the fog persisted while we were at the summit and it was just bloody typical that the fog cleared around twenty minutes after starting our descent .

Again admiring the view towards the hills of Coigach and Assynt:

We took our time during the descent and long walk out as we had ample daylight remaining thanks to our early start. We again stopped for some more food and drink during the descent.

Looking back to Seana Bhraigh:

Looking back to Seana Bhraigh:

Looking back to Creag an Duine:

On reaching the main track we still had 10km to walk to get back to the car and the best views were now behind us.

According to the forecasts I had reviewed in advance of setting off, rain was forecast from 1.00pm onwards. This rain did not materialise and the weather actually got better and better as the day progressed.

Looking back to Creag an Duine during long walk out:

Looking back to Seana Bhraigh during the long walk out:

Back at the Old Schoolhouse Bothy shortly before sunset:

It was good to eventually reach the car and get the boots off. A great day out on a fantastic hill. Looking forward to a few more long walks this winter .