Hills: Taberon Law
Date: Saturday 21st August 2021
Company: Just myself
Distance: 8.5km, Ascent: 435m
Time: 1Hrs 55Mins

In 2014, I completed the 89 Donalds. Since then, the SMC have however declared that you now also have to complete all the Donald Tops to claim to have completed the Donalds. This is a nonsense as you don't have to complete all the Munro Tops to claim to have completed the Munros.

With forty six of the fifty two Donald Tops complete I opted to ascend one of my remaining six today en-route to England. Taberon Law fitted the bill nicely.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the A701, I set off walking towards Stanhope.

Road leading to Stanhope:

Bridge over the Stanhope Burn:

Stanhope Burn:

On reaching Stanhope I made a poor decision heading right instead of left thus ending up on the wrong side of the Stanhope Burn. This was not however a problem as I followed a track until reaching the trout trap which I used to cross the burn.

Track alongside the Stanhope Burn:

Crossing the Stanhope Trout Trap:

Once on my intended track I followed it to just beyond Stanhope Hope before commencing my ascent of Taberon Law.

Onto the correct track:

The thing I like least about walking the Donalds, and Donald Tops, is the fact this is grouse moor country where anything that is not a grouse is actively killed by the estate. Given the number of snap traps and the Larsen trap passed during the ascent, this estate is no different from the others in the area i.e. run by assholes.

Looking down to Stanhope Hope:

Larsen Trap:

The ascent of Taberon Law was straight-forward but painful as I currently have several injuries including turf toe, a strained hamstring and a dodgy hip. I hate getting old .

Ascending Taberon Law:

Ascending Taberon Law:

Looking down towards the Stanhope Burn:

Despite current injuries I made it to the summit and back.

Summit of Taberon Law:

During the descent the forecast rain arrived a bit earlier than anticipated and I got quite wet. Gotta love summer in Scotland .