Hill: Ward of Clett
Date: Thursday 28th October 2021
Company: Just myself
Distance: 3km, Ascent: 100m
Time: 45Mins

Online interactive maps no longer available owing to Ordnance Survey withdrawing their MapBuilder tool. Alternative options are currently being explored.

Despite previously visiting and summiting Shetland mainland, Yell, Unst, Fetlar, Bressay, Noss, Muckle Roe, Fair Isle, Foula and St. Ninian's Isle, I had not previously visited Bressay to summit Ward of Clett. On Thursday afternoon I therefore made a spur of the moment decision to jump on a ferry to Whalsay and walk up Ward of Clett. Ward of Clett is a Hundred Metre Prominence hill (HuMP) and Whalsay is a Significant Island of Britain (SIB).

Welcome to Whalsay:

There are very few roads on Whalsay and even fewer parking places. I ended up parking beside the Symbister shop and starting the walk from there. The initial section of walk is along public road and thereafter there is a vehicle track which can be followed to the summit.

Looking down to ferry at Symbister:

During the walk the clouds were interesting. These would result in a nice sunset just over an hour later.

View south:

View towards Noss and Bressay:

I assume a clett in Shetland is the same thing as a cleat in the Outer Hebrides. The hill is named after these cletts/cleats.

Cleats on Ward of Clett:


On reaching the summit area, which really did not take long, I visited the trig point, the shelter and the summit knoll.

At the trig point:

In the shelter:

At the summit knoll:

View towards Noss and Bressay from the summit:

View from Ward of Clett:

Once back at the van, I travelled pretty much all of Whalsay's roads which must have taken about twenty minutes at most. I then found somewhere to park up for the evening where I was treated not only to a wonderful sunset but also seeing at least a hundred golden plover and an otter.

Sunset on Whalsay:


Watching an otter at sunset: