Hills: Graystones, Broom Fell, Lord's Seat and Barf
Date: Wednesday 29th December 2021
Company: Just myself
Distance: 12.2km, Ascent: 610m
Time: 3Hrs 50Mins

The MetOffice forecast this morning was for several hours of heavy rain with winds increasing in strength. MWIS suggested 60mph winds. I therefore decided to stay relatively low and avoid tight ridges. An ascent of Graystones, Broom Fell, Lord's Seat and Barf would do nicely.

For this walk I drove to and parked in the Spout Force car park.


I now had to decide whether to undertake a clockwise or anti-clockwise circuit. Weighing-up various factors including wind direction and weather due to worsen, I opted for a steep ascent while the weather was good rather than a steep descent later in bad weather.

From the car park I walked back out to the road and then downhill for circa 0.5km to start my ascent of Graystones from the slate quarry.

Spout Force Car Park:

On reaching the quarry I followed a rising path leading towards a dry-stane dyke. This path provides good views down to Scawgill Bridge.

Scawgill Bridge:

Track leading towards the dyke:

On reaching the dyke I followed a line of worn footsteps steeply up the hill. I was glad of my decision to ascend rather than descend this way.

Steep ascent alongside dyke:

Looking south I could see various hills all of which I have ascended in 2021. The weather was thus far better than forecast.

Nice views during ascent:

On reaching the summit area, I could see dark rain clouds heading in my direction.

Approaching the summit area:

I initially visited the summit of Graystones and then visited the Wainwright top. There are a number of Wainwrights where the Wainwright top is not the actual summit of the hill. Nearby Whinlatter is another hill where the Wainwright top is not the summit.

At the Wainwright top of Graystones:

From Graystones I followed the track leading towards Broom Fell. The large summit cairn of Broom Fell is prominent from afar.

Heading for Broom Fell via Widow Hause:

As I progressed towards Broom Fell, the storm front suddenly hit with resulting heavy rain and significantly stronger wind.

Ascent of Broom Fell:

I took a photo of the large cairn while sheltering from the wind in the summit shelter.

At the summit of Broom Fell:

The weather was now quite unpleasant.

At the col between Broom Fell and Lord's Seat:

Ascending Lord's Seat:

I stayed at the summit of Lord's Seat long enough to take a photo before heading out and back to Barf.

At the summit of Lord's Seat:

The walk out and back to Barf was wet underfoot but less windy than at the summit of Lord's Seat.

Heading towards Barf:

I had to stay a few minutes at the summit of Barf as my iPhone had decided to disable itself due to being wet and thinking incorrect passcodes had been entered. Once I managed to get the phone unlocked I took a photo and then returned back to the summit of Lord's Seat.

At the summit of Barf:

Heading back to Lord's Seat:

On reaching the summit of Lord's Seat the wind strength was significant. I was having to lean into the wind to stay upright.

If I continued on via my intended descent route, I would be walking directly into the severe gale force wind. I knew the trees would provide shelter so instead I followed a good track leading down into nearby trees. The trees provided good shelter from the wind.

Descent from Lord's Seat:

I was soon onto a wide forestry track which I followed back to the car park. It was somewaht disappointing to pass so close to Whinlatter but not ascend it. I opted to leave it for another day as I really didn't fancy ascending back into the strong wind and having to walk along Whinlatter's ridge to visit both the summit and the Wainwright top.

Following the forestry track back to Spout Force car park:

I listened to some eighties music during the walk back out to the car which helped to take my mind off being soaked through.

99 Wainwrights done, will hopefully reach 100 tomorrow.